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How To Clear Browser Cache? - Three Easy Ways To Do So

When we browse the internet, our web browsers store some data as cache in order to give you a better user experience and to serve content faster to decrease page load times.

Over time, the cache memory accumulates and will seriously slow down browsing and negatively impact your browsing experience.

It might also be that a new version of a website or web application has been released. 

Clearing browser cache will help to load the latest version.

Clearing the cached memory of your browser is an ideal thing to do periodically.

The exact steps to clear cache on your browsers may vary based on what browser you are using.

Below are the steps to clear cache on different web browsers. [For a visual guide - click HERE.]

To clear the cache memory on Google Chrome:

To clear cache memory on Mozilla Firefox:

To clear cached data on an Opera browser:

After you clear the cache memory on your browser i recommend you to close and reopen your web browser for the best results.

How To Open A Link In An Incognito Window On Your Browser?

The incognito mode or the private browsing will not record what you search for and what websites you visit making it a privacy friendly feature.

There are two ways in which you can open any link in a new private browser window.

To open a link in a new incognito window right click on a link and select  “Open link in Incognito window

Alternatively, you can right click on the link you want to open and hit the “G” key on your keyboard to do the same.

For a visual guide - click HERE.