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SMS/Call/WhatsApp: 63036 55901 (Siva)

SMS/Call/WhatsApp: +91 63856 48002 (Shankar)

WhatsApp Only: +91 90362 18432


Major Locations: Bengaluru (Karnataka), Hyderabad (Telangana), Delhi, Mumbai (Maharashtra), Puducherry/Erode (Tamil Nadu)

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Got a business or technical idea? Shoot it to see if we are game for it. Send your idea/proposal to or connect on WhatsApp / Signal at +919036218432 (Message only)

Note: Our physical office is closed due to COVID-19. Please contact us by email/call/WhatsApp using the contacts as provided above.

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1st Floor, No. 22, 10th Cross, 5th Main, Malleshpalya, Bangalore - 560075