Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

All orders are processed as quickly as possible. Subject to stock availability and holidays which will both be advertised on our website, goods are normally shipped within two working days.


All returns made within 15 days of the invoice date will be eligible for a full refund excluding the shipping costs. Before you return Io products please email us at

If you're experiencing problems we like to try and work with you to resolve them first, so making the return unnecessary. This is purely optional, and does not impact your right to return the products for a refund.

Note: For digital goods and services there are no refunds.

Service Renewals

We provide web services that must be renewed annually in a timely manner. Payment delays cause cost-escalations and we - as your web/remote administrators want to ensure you do not end up paying more if you are late. We send reminders and invoices that specify a "Due" date. This is the date by which we must confirm with our bank that the payment from you has been finally received. Based on your payment method, please keep the lead time so that we receive the payment "before" the due date so that all services under our management are renewed in-time. Late payments may cause service downtime and additional charges may be applicable. In some cases, late payments may not help at all and the service may have to be re-built from scratch.

We do our best to reach you by email/phone/whatsapp. Make sure your contact details with us are updated always.

If a service is not renewable due to late payments then we will refund your payment minus any transaction fee. If a service is renewable after the due date, then revival charges will apply. The service will remain suspended till revival charges are paid in full. An estimate of the revival charges can be given on-demand "before" instructions are received to revive the services.