Our Mission

Think Technology. Think Us.

From Website/eCommerce to Cyber Security/Digital Signature Tokens/Custom App Development and Internet of Things. We are there all the way from jumpstarting your business to supporting its growth.

Jumpstart your Business

Domain Management

Full life cycle: Domain research, booking, renewal and maintenance.  Look no further.

Web Hosting

Managed Hosting for Websites and Emails. Look no further.

Business Emails

Cost effective email plans and GSuite Administration. Look no further.

Internet of Things

Device bringup, sensor interfacing, network connections and data management. All that you need to get your IoT working and managed. Connect with us to discuss.

Secure your Business


Network setup and security, performance, monitoring, backup, recovery, protection and Digital Signatures. Look no further.

Software Licensing

MIcrosoft Volume Licensing and Adobe Creative Cloud. Look no further.

Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure or AWS - Design and implement the cloud service. Look no further.

Optimize your Business

Editor's Desk

Journal Management System hosted and managed over the Google Cloud. Manage your Scientific Journal publication process with the click of a button. Look no further.

eJournal Security

Provide subscribers with secure access to the PDF of your Journal, books and articles. Built over the Google Cloud. Look no further. 

Member Management

Member information management for Associations and Societies. Hosted and Managed. Built over the Google Cloud. Look no further.

Speed up your Business

Business Process Automation

Free up your time and employees with the Ion Business Process Automation platform built over the Google Cloud - a perfect fit for SMEs. Book an initial consultation.

Quick JAVA

Build JAVA Swing GUIs faster with the Quick-GUI (QUI) JAVA Framework. Cut down on development time. Multiple licensing options available - B2B, B2B2C. Book an initial consultation.

Stabilize your Business

Software Project Direction

All effort in the wrong direction is worse than no effort at all. Software projects, more than management, need constant directions to be successful. Our world class technical and business expertise can help your team reach there. Look no further. Book a consultation and do not forget to mention if it is a startup or an SME.

Training and Internship

Student or Employee, modern learning is continuous. Our internships are a great way to build "real world" expertise. Get an opportunity to engage with Mentors too. Contact us to get started.

Grow your Business

Winning together...

Got a business or technical idea? Shoot it to see if we are game for it. Send your idea/proposal to bd@iotechnologies.co.in or connect on WhatsApp/Signal at +919036218432 (Message only)


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