1. Get  a virtual Office on the Cloud with eOffice

  • 10GB Disk Space per account for hosting websites
  • Create-Edit-Manage Office Documents Online (word, excel, ppt and more...)
  • Business Email (25GB) and Chat available
  • Manage Meetings with Calendar Application
  • FREE Website Hosting included
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Always Available
  • No Down time
  • Cloud Hosted
  • FREE Domain Name (if available)
Contact: support@iotechnologies.co.in for a quote. Mention the number of accounts you need.
When you mention "global standards"
We sense you'll need "greater productivity"

Like every SME business, we know you dream of reaching bigger playing fields; a dream which begins by pushing internal productivity standards. That's where eOffice, powered by Google Apps can make a difference. So, when you need to enhance sharing, it offers email and instant messaging. And when you want to boost productive output, this suite of services gives you document and website creation. At Io Technologies, we sense SME business needs faster and further.

And as is our policy - we do not deploy for others, what we do not use ourselves. Yes, eOffice is used by us enterprise-wide and we can deploy the same for you. We try it, test it, then deploy it. And of course, we support it throughout.

We know you will not find a better offering anywhere else on this planet.