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How to get Online?

A critical part of any business today is the maintenance of an online profile. This not only gives the business a professional look but also helps in building an image that is forward looking. And that means the company embraces new technology fast, rather than waiting and watching others get ahead first.

However, many organizations do the mistake of assuming that this means just having a website. While, having a website is a start, it is not the end. And having just any website with rolling images is actually not a start at all.  

To maintain a professional online profile, you must consider the following:

- Have a domain name which is easy to remember. Example, is better than

- Have a website which can handle the traffic. Shared hosting web-sites crash when the number of visitors to your site picks up. Pretty much worthless after the first few months. And you will not know your website crashed!

- Have emails for your employees. If not for everybody, for all important people in your organisation, like the managers and the technical people. This improves communication within and outside the organisation. Remember, all the good companies provide email to their employees today. So if you are not, you are not a preferred employer to work with. Providing email today, is part of the basic infrastructure for any company (not just IT), so if you do not provide this, seriously consider it, since it will benefit your business in multiple ways.

- Have web-based applications (even if on intra-net) to improve business processes within your organization. For example, a calendar application will help your staff manage and remember events and meetings. With this, the "Sir, I forgot" excuse will no longer work.

- Online file-sharing applications ease the creation, review and maintenance of documents. They also give you access to important documents at your fingertips. How many times have you made people to run around for ages to find a document which your CA, accountant or auditor wanted? With this, you can say goodbye to those days and spend the same time with important business customers closing deals.

- Have an intra-net website. Ah! now what is that? Well, it is a website which is accessible only within your company or only to your employees. This can be used by the company to give access to training materials for employees, to spread news about a new deal, to connect the employees to the top management, to share best practices, manage a grievance redressal forum and pretty much anything you think should be done within the company.

So, there is much more to getting online than meets the eye. Again, a website is just about 5% of it, perhaps even lesser. The above points are a bare minimum. One could throw in company presence on social media sites like facebook, G+ and a ton of others as well as SEO to get onto the top search engines. While each of these has a price, Io Technologies, makes it simpler and cheaper to take your first steps in going online. 

Io Technologies provides multiple options to get going your online presence depending on your taste. 

Option 1: Start from Scratch and Stitch it together.
If you want to control everything you want to and have the time to do so, do the following:

1. Search and Buy a domain for your business/organisation here.

2. Select a Hosting service for your domain here.

3. Design your website and upload it to the hosting service you bought, OR buy a Website Builder Package from here.

4. Also buy the Spam Free Email service from here.

The above steps will enable the website and emails for your organization. In case you need help, we would be glad to help you (Consultation charges apply).

Option 2: Get it Readymade cheaper and More.
Well, this is the sweeter part with a host of advantages.

1. Search and Buy a domain for your business/organisation here. (Or we do it for you. You choose!)

2. Select the number of accounts you want and we enable all the cloud services for you.