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Cloud Computing

Io helps organizations to be a step ahead by adopting cloud computing technology for business applications. ++Read More>>

Is cloud computing appropriate for Small Scale Industry?
  • Io's Cloud Computing offering makes IT infrastructure management low-cost and hassle-free.
  • There is NO capital investment and NO need to hire expensive IT personnel. This helps SSI's to focus on what they do best - while at the same time - using advanced cloud technology to improve productivity.   
Why adopt cloud computing?
  • Reduced Cost
    Cloud technology is paid incrementally, saving money.  
  • Increased Storage
    Organizations can store more data than on private computer systems.
  • Highly Automated 
    No need to worry about keeping software up to date.
  • Flexibility
    Cloud computing offers much more flexibility than past computing methods.
  • More Mobility 
    Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks.
  • Allows companies to shift focus to innovation
    No worries about constant server updates and other computing issues.

What is in the plan? 
- Free website hosting space per account.
- Manage events using the calendar application.
- Store and edit your office documents online.
- Email application (

Offers starting from Rs. 1000/- p.m. only*

 Plan Price 
 Cloud Activate (Single user) 1000/- p.m. 
 Cloud Plus (10 user) 6000/- p.m. 
 Cloud Premium (25 user) 13000/- p.m.