A few notes before you get started:
  1. This is a development view to help build your confidence in the investment you will do on this well deserved ERP solution. 
  2. Login HERE to get a view of the User Interface and to know how you will be able to use the tool. 
  3. This ERP solution can be tailored to your specific need as has been done for a number of organizations. 
  4. There would be a few features which you could immediately put to use for your organization once you are on a Starter Plan.
  5. Some operations will not work as expected in this demo since it is a Development Version. The Production Version is tailored to your need.
  6. Some Admin level permissions are not given in the demo login. These would only be available to the Admin of the Production Version of your ERP instance. 
  7. In this demo you will be able to: Store, Update, Retrieve and Search the relevant data. Some data has already been populated to help you understand the operations better. 
  8. Once you sign up for the Starter Plan, we believe that you will start saving 2 employee worth of manual effort from Day 1. And the savings increase as the number of features get added up.
  9. HERE is a presentation to help you know more on the ERP solution.
  10. Play this video that shows the flow of login and adding a client. Every flow can be customized as per need.