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Scientific Services

We provide many services to the scientific community. Here are a few. If interested send your inquiries to
  • Electronic Publishing System
  • Electronic Subscription System
  • Online Library System
  • Journal Management System
  • Journal Hosting Services
  • Website Development and Maintenance Services
  • LaTeX Typesetting Services
  • Membership Management Services

Electronic Publishing System

We provide our Electronic Publishing System for the scientific community. If you are a journal/newsletter publisher, register with us and start publishing online. We also host the content online to enable you to share it over social media.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Electronic Subscription System

We provide our Electronic Subscription System for your paid journals/magazines. The system provides 3-layer security of your digital assets and online payment system integration. You can easily publish/promote your journal/magazine and receive payments for journal/magazine subscriptions. Register with us and enable online the subscription system for your journal/magazine.

Online Library System

We provide online libraries to institutions/companies/labs/departments across India. Members can be exclusively from your organization or you may make it open for others. Digital assets are secured and safe. Online payments enable library subscriptions. Register with us and enable the Online Library System for your organisation.

Journal Management System

We help your journal/magazine go online by providing frontend and backend services. Enable uploads, auto-reminders to handling editors, get online subscriptions to your journal, get support from our qualified staff to manage your journal and much more. An all-in-one package that helps to grow your journal fast. Register with us and get started.

Journal Hosting Services

We host your journal online for access throughout the world. Save cost on print, convert to the online version and hasten the promotion of your journal. Register with us, send us the details of your journal and the files to get started.

Website Development and Maintenance Services

We provide the best services to your organisation for your website hosting, develop it at zero cost* and maintain it regularly so that it remains fresh forever. Never will it be slow again, never will it go down again, quick updates and sometimes even automatic updates. Always dynamic. Register with us and get your website in order through a single window. Email us at

*Terms and Conditions apply.

LaTeX Typesetting Services
Latex Typesetting
We provide Latex typesetting services for the scientific community. 

We can handle complex mathematical content including figure processing. We can modify the tex file provided by the authors to match any publishers style and can provide the camera ready copy.

Send us a copy of your paper (Scanned/Hard) and we will send the converted file back to you by email. Clear scanned copies of the work you want to typeset with your contact details should be sent to Hard copies with DD can be sent to the address found here. Complete confidentiality guaranteed.

For payment details refer

Membership Management Services

We manage your member database and keep it upto-date. The process includes membership applications, approvals from your organization's office bearers, addition of member to database, providing a membership number and a custom designed card, update of membership details if there is any change, change in membership type such as Life Member to Patron Member. Status updates to office bearers and collection of online payments if any. All member databases are kept online and backed up. Online access to member details are provided to office bearers.