Whaer? - ERP

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Whaer? - ERP
Whaer? - ERP
No Setup Fee, No Long Term Contract, Cancel Anytime.

A Cloud Hosted ERP Solution. Ideal for SMBs and Startups. Create Custom Delivery Chalan, Invoice, Track Inventory Levels. Plans start from INR4900. To enquire, send us an email on bd@iotechnologies.co.in.

Why ERP?


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Instamojo  Google Sheets
LogSales from InstaMojo to Google Sheets in a snap.
No Setup Fee, No Long Term Contract, Cancel Anytime.

You can select between:
1. Fully managed setup: we do everything (your login details will be required - it is safe. you can change it after we are done.)
2. Assisted setup (for nerds): you will need to follow our instructions (your login details are NOT required in this case.)

1. < Rs.50,000 per month: 100/- per month. Ideal for home businesses and nano industries.
2. < Rs.100,000 per month: 400/- per month. Ideal for starting a startup.
3. < Rs. 200,000 per month: 1200/- per month. Ideal for small businesses.
4. > Rs. 200,000 per month and less than 10 times of it: 1990/- per month. Ideal for SMBs.
5. Unlimited transactions: 5000/- per month. 10% off if paid annually.

Terms and Conditions:
1. This service is provided assuming both Instamojo and Google, do what they say they do. A failure on their part does not constitute a failure on our part. Our system integrates both of these and is as reliable as both of these and is also limited by the same.
2. If you have an Instamojo account, this service is for you. If you do not have an instamojo account and you still need this, then SMS us at 8553949391 with your requirements.
3. You will need to have a GSuite account. We can help you setup a GSuite account.
(SMS: 8553949391 with your contact details and requirements and we will respond. Please do not call this number.)
4. We wait 30 days to either get your login details and do a fully managed setup OR for you to follow our simple instructions to complete the setup. After 30 days, payment is not refundable for any reason whatsoever. Within this 30 days, if after your full cooperation, the service is not operational, we will refund your entire amount after adjusting for any transaction and/or courier charges - by cheque - sent to your address on file. All payments will be in INR.
5. No amount is refundable if the service is fully setup. You are free to cancel or not renew once the reserved service duration is complete.
6. All payments are annual rests.
7. A month is taken from Midnight of 1st of any month to the midnight of the 1st of the next month. 


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E-SMS is a bulk Email and SMS software where you do not need to depend on bulk-SMS service providers.

E-SMS puts the power in your hands to send SMS as well as Email to your customers and clients automatically in  just a few clicks.

It always comes with an integrated Contact Management System and 3-month warranty.

(Email Only Package)

(SMS + Email)
(Cloud Integrated Email Only)
(Cloud Integrated, SMS + Email)



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Your Office at your Fingertips wherever you go.

DocStore, Reminders, Email,
Mobile Enabled, Chat Client

eOffice Starter Package

eOffice SME Package

 eOffice SME Package

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